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Jason McPhail

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Jason McPhail, CPA

Gardening, House Flipping, Tax Resolution. What do these things have in common? For Jason McPhail it is all about seeing results. Planting something in the ground and ending up with food on your table; taking a run-down property and turning it into something beautiful; or working with a client to resolve their problems with the IRS and get them back in compliance so their worries no longer keep them up at night.

Jason loves to solve a problem. He is a tax guy. When asked how long he has been doing this, he answered in tax seasons - not years. Jason was inspired to enter the accounting profession after enrolling at Duluth Business University and hearing a guest speaker, David Kuiti of Anderson, Kuiti & Asuma. Jason ended up working his very first tax season at Anderson, Kuiti & Asuma in 1991 and returned to the firm and his childhood home in Cloquet in 2013 after running his own accounting and tax practice in the Twin Cities for 14 years.

Jason hopes to begin gardening again with his 3 boys at their home in rural Cloquet and has dreams of someday renovating a house. He is already working with clients to keep them in compliance with the IRS and in case they have made a mistake, he is here to help with that too. Helping clients and being committed to providing the best possible service is what feeds his soul at least until the garden is growing again.

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