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Susan Bathory

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Susan Bathory, CPA

Picking through the remnants of an estate sale on the second day … you know, the day when everything is 50% off. It’s like searching for buried treasure. If you ask Susan, there is nothing better than finding something special that has been overlooked by the dozens who have gone through the sale ahead of her.  

She brings this same passion for buried treasure to her work. She loves to take a shoe box full of receipts and turn it into something coherent. If she finds some buried treasure for her client, in the form of additional tax savings, even better! It doesn’t always turn out that way, though and Susan isn’t afraid to tell a client like it is. She is a fierce advocate for her clients, even to the point of telling them, “Pay the tax”. Her reasoning, you could pay several hundred dollars in accountants’ and attorneys’ fees to try to avoid the tax or just pay the tax and be grateful that you made the income in the first place. 

Susan was a partner in an accounting firm in California where she worked for 22 years. She loves the perspective she got when moving away from her hometown, Duluth. When she returned she held a couple of different accounting positions, but realized she wanted to finish her career doing what she truly loved, Taxes and Tax planning…..lucky for you!